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January 13.2022
2 Minutes Read

Critical things to avoid when you get a bad review!

 It can be very easy when you get a bad review to get emotionally upset and respond in a way that actually makes things worse rather than making them better.

Here are several things to avoid when you get a bad review.

The first one is to avoid getting defensive. It's perfectly OK to get mad when someone criticizes your business especially if you think their complaint was unfounded or an outright lie. 

However, it's important never to let that show. We're all human but you don't want to paint yourself or your business in a bad light.

You also can't ignore the fact that you got a negative review. You don't want future readers to wonder if you care about the person’s experience. It's easy for us not to give readers enough credit. They know not every bad review is legitimate or justified.

By responding politely you're letting them know that you care about what happens to your customers.

No matter what happens don't ever get pulled into an online battle. If it looks like someone really wants to have it out with you online simply let them know you're happy to resolve the issue and ask them to contact you offline. Many people will also be more friendly when they're having a conversation with someone on the phone or in-person than when they're staring at a phone or a computer screen.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have a bad review you can simply follow these steps.

Just like in real life when someone complains the first thing you should do is simply apologize and acknowledge the reality of the issue. Once Someone feels heard they are more likely to move past their feelings of hurt and anger.

This doesn't mean you just have to agree with everything someone writes about you online. You should also stand up for yourself in a polite and respectful way, but most importantly be authentic and personal.

Remember, it’s not about being right, it’s about building a positive relationship with the person reading the review later!

Your go-to strategy should almost always be to try and take it offline.

So follow these tips to Critical things to avoid when you get a bad review! If you're interested in how we encourage people to leave positive reviews and then help you market those reviews so more people see them we are excited to talk with you. Contact us today!



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