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September 20.2021
7 Minutes Read

Why You Should Blog!

Why You Should Blog!

Well, I had a look at Alexa today and discovered that this blog nearly hit the leading 10,000 most checked out sites on the Internet today. I have been seeing success with many of the approaches that are special to blog promotion. I felt it was time to write a post about blog promotion BUT WAIT! I have not even discussed why I have this blog thing. I can't truly delve into getting traffic to your blog without explaining why I have a blog and why you should have one too; now can I? Let's go back to my background. I made it online without much of the tools you see me using today. I had no items. I had no copywriting capability. My search engine ranking data was crucial to my initial success on the Internet. I would merely produce high-ranking sites for some markets and sell the traffic from those sites directly to those who did have copywriting capability and items.

Obviously, I no longer advise that. Having your own item and copywriting capability are both multipliers to understanding how to get traffic. Nowadays I concentrate on all three aspects of your Internet company and recommend that you do the same. With that stated ... do not underestimate the traffic service. Consider this. Who is the wealthiest man worldwide? Right. Bill Gates. He sells software. Software is a good company! Consider this, however. Who are the 3 leading websites on the Internet? Go check Alexa if you do not know. OK; do not inspect. I'll just inform you: 1. Yahoo 2. Google 3. MSN (Microsoft) Now have a look at that third one. That's the company that Bill Gates (the wealthiest male worldwide; keep in mind?) started. Now he's playing around on the Internet in the # 3 area. Now; let's take a dive here. What do those 3 sites sell? Ok; take a minute on this one.

There will be a test. That's right. They offer traffic (or they primarily sell traffic Yahoo and MSN are a tiny bit more diverse than that). Now isn't that intriguing The wealthiest man in the world who got that way by offering software application now wants to sell traffic. OK; that was a diversion. We'll come back to that later on. What I wished to tell you about was my experience offering traffic (which is still the largest part of my service). I made a mistake. I sold traffic anonymously under corporate names. None of my traffic clients understand who I am. They just buy traffic from XYZ Corporation since it transforms into sales for them. XYZ Corporation has no personality.  In truth, it's fully automated and most of my clients appear to like it that method. I attempted to alter that a couple of years earlier. I began sending them e-mails teaching them how they could get the most out of my traffic service.

I was far too late. They didn't understand me and they didn't want to hear from me. Then I tried one last attempt (I'm happy I did) by providing them a special on traffic that month. I think I did a two-for-one deal or something like that. Over 25% of my customers purchased a new project that day. I made over $60,000 in one day with that one email. I believed that was cool! I still do. I can write a single e-mail and make countless dollars in a single day. I think a lot of online marketers are like that. The power of your customer list is unbelievable! If you can convert 2% of strangers into clients with a sales page, you can convert 25% of your existing consumers into clients of another item with that very same sales page. That's powerful! I attempted it with another item. It was an excellent item.

It was my own. It was the search engine research study itself that result in the traffic those consumers were buying. In impact, I was providing to teach them how to produce the exact same traffic that I was selling to them. It tumbled miserably. No-one purchased. I tried a number of other products. Nothing. Why? A few of the actions told me right now. Even though I was composing under the business name, they didn't know me. I'll repeat that. They didn't understand me. They knew my business. They understood that my company provided terrific converting traffic, but they just didn't understand me. An endorsement of one company by another isn't extremely effective. It isn't nearly as effective as a recommendation by a person. So, I went on to do the Freedom Events. You understand how they went. Based on the endorsement of a few widely known Internet marketers, they sold out.

Lesson found out. To get that 25% number, you require one of the following: 1. To be marketing to your customers as a business and selling a special deal on the item of your business that your consumers currently know about. 

2. To be marketing to your clients as an individual and offering a special offer on any product that you personally back ... and have never ever offered a bad endorsement on an item to your customers before. I wished to do the latter with my own consumers not those of another Internet online marketer. What is the very best way to do that? As I browse, a blog is the outright best vehicle for that. As I offer items (and cross-promote them on the owner's pages), I likewise promote this blog. I do it extremely early while doing so. It is discussed on the owner's page and is also pointed out in the very first e-mail the majority of people get after acquiring one of my items.

They buy the product from a complete stranger, however, I introduce myself as the creator of that product very early by pointing them (you) at this blog. Then, I don't conceal the blog behind some corporate image. You do buy my items from a corporation, however do you even know the name of that corporation? Who cares what it is called? I desire you to be familiar with me. That's the function of this blog. Now some folks are discovering this blog prior to they acquire among my products. That's OK too. Some people purchase a product based upon the sales page. Some buy due to the fact that they understand the author never produces junk. Some have a mix of those reasons. OKAY; so yes you should have a blog. I recommend that you produce your blog between your 3rd and 4th item in your primary market. That's when I created this blog.

That is likewise when you want to begin cross-promoting your 3 or 4 products on their owner's pages. Here are some other things that I think are important: 1. Register your name for the domain for your blog. 2. Put your name at the top, not some cutesy blog name. 

3. Share of yourself. Do not post to your blog like you are a customer service representative responding to the phone for a large business never ever revealing anything of yourself only the business script. Chat with your customers like they are dear buddies. Do not offer your house address or phone number, but within the context of the blog what are you afraid of? Let your blog readers get to know you. 

4. Post typically. Individuals can enter the habit of doing something daily or hourly extremely quickly. It is a lot more challenging to enter into a weekly or regular monthly routine.

Post at least daily so your blog readers can get into an everyday routine of reading what you should state. 

5. Do not worry about handing out secrets of your products. That's one reason I just offer software, video, items today. It's just not possible to inadvertently give away too much in the text on your blog. Software application and video are both more robust mediums than text. I can explain in words all day long how to do something it will still be useful to buy the software to automate that job and/or buy the video to actually see how it all works. 

6. Get a subscribe link on your blog (and all of your content websites). Some individuals will want to follow your blog, however won't keep in mind. You require to provide a way to allow you to send them pointers when you publish. This will dramatically increase your variety of repeat visitors over time.

OKAY; I think that responses to the concern about why I have a blog and why you must too ... and how you need to set it up. Now, I can delve into the particular methods to get traffic to a blog that just exists for blog sites ... not other kinds of sites. I'll do that in a future post. For now, go register your name and get WordPress set up on that domain. Get your subscribe link. Write a post and submit it to your blog and then send it via Artemis Pro with your blog pointed out in the resource box of your short article. That's how I began just a little over 2 months back and as of today, I'm practically in the leading 10,000 most visited websites on the Internet. See if you can beat me in the next couple of months.



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