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November 17.2021
4 Minutes Read

7 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional Photography & Videos

7 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional Photos & & Videos

7 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional Photography &  Videos


All of us know you should not judge a book by its cover-- however, when your customers are searching for a business to solve their problems, that's exactly what they do. They browse online, click the search results and come face to face with your site. Once the page is loaded, do they see a boring generic screen with options, or do they meet the smiling faces of the team that can assist? That's the distinction expert images, or better yet, videos can make for a business. Having high-quality images will help possible customers with your business and the people who work there.

Using quality, professional photography, and video material across your site, social networks and other digital channels not only catches the reader's interest but also enhances your exposure online. Images and video content are among the most valuable tools for getting better results from your material. 

Visitors are 80% more likely to engage with content if it's coupled with an image and 64% more likely to remember what they read or heard.

So there you have it. You require images to promote your company. Now the concern is-- where should you get them?

When you choose to invest in quality images, you have 3 options: you can utilize stock images, take the pictures yourself or hire an professional photographer. We advise the latter. Original photography is more genuine and successful for organizations. No matter who your customers are, expert photography is an important possession that will add to your organization' success, and here are 7 reasons why.

1.   Professional pictures develop your brand's identity.

Imagery is an important part of your brand name and how your service communicates itself to the public. Is your organization corporate, amusing or enjoyable, video and images provide you a possibility to really display your brand name's personality.

Plus, no matter your personality, it shows you are serious about quality and professionalism.

2.  Professional photography gets the attention of your customers and provide an excellent impression.

As mentioned above, images on your site and social networks are typically the first impressions of your service. So, it's absolutely essential to have your best foot forward to make your company stick out.

3.  Professional photography provides a genuine visual representation of your brand name.

Individuals get in touch with individuals, so utilizing pictures and videos of your real personnel, workplace and business offers consumers a chance to form a connection with you, before you've even met The importance of this can not be ignored, particularly in the professional services markets such as finance and medication, where trust and connection are necessary to keep clients. You could constantly utilize stock pictures, but because they don't reveal your actual product, service or organization, they will not come across as authentic to your customers. 

4. Clients can learn more about you.

When clients visit your site, they wish to get to know you, what you do and why you do it! It's been proven people are most likely to do business with somebody they know, like, and trust. Stock photos do not help them do that-- even worse, they might offer individuals a false impression of what you offer. The very best way for possible customers to be familiar with your organization is by showing them actual pictures of your organization, your group and what you do.

5.  Stock photography feels inauthentic.

The greatest drawback of utilizing stock pictures is that they can be bought and utilized by anybody, so the opportunity that another business is using the very same image is high. Moreover, if an image on your site is connected with a company the visitor has had a bad experience with, those associations can affect how they see your brand name.

We're not saying you ought to never utilize stock images, there's just a time and a place for them.

6.  The quality of professional photography is unparalleled.

No matter how excellent the electronic camera on your phone is, you simply can't beat the quality produced by professional photographers. Years of experience, combined with the fantastic quality gear they utilize, ensures the final images are high quality and perfect for the platforms you intend to utilize them on, whether it's your website, Facebook,  LinkedIn photos or more.

7.  Professional photography offers your company a competitive edge.

Top quality images stand apart from the crowd and make your service distinct and professional, which can be the difference between somebody clicking your Ad on Google, engaging with your social media or enquiring through your site. It can raise the quality of an organization more than you know, which implies higher quality services and higher quality consumers; and who does not desire that?

Professional photography can set the tone for your whole business, revealing to the prospective clients that you are devoted to offering them professional service and quality items.

If you value your brand name, you should hire a professional photographer to help you with your company growth.

Ready to book an expert photo or video for your business? Or simply want to learn more about the benefits of expert content and how it can successfully promote your service? Contact Us and we can make a great Video or refer you to a great professional photographer.



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