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# 1. With the economy in the state that it’s in right now, no one wants to pay more for anything, so raising your price is probably not a good idea.

# 2. This is where most businesses focus the majority of their time and marketing dollars, 80% of your budget is trying to get new business to come in the door.  But there’s a better way!

# 3. Sell more frequently to existing customers.  This is the most profitable thing you can do.  Ever hear that the most valuable asset to a company is its customer list?  Well, it’s true.

OK, So What Do I Do Now?

Well, you need a way to get in touch with those customers, to let them know whats going on.  One of the best ways to do that is with SMS Marketing.  You want some sort of CLUB,  like a Birthday Club, Anniversary Club, or VIP Club. 

Then get your information out to them.  Most businesses do this with email, but there is a better way!!
Take a look at what this is about below.
There Are Only 3 Way's To Grow Your Business
3 Ways to grow your business


 Birthday/Anniversary Club
 Is a great way to market to customers giving them a reason to celebrate and spend more money with you.

 Loyalty Club
 The 3 types of loyalty programs

1.  The ability to reward customers based on Customer Spend.
2. The ability to reward customers based on Customer Redemption.
3. The ability to reward customers based on Check ins.
Tiered prizes the ability to do tiered redemption Ex- Every 2nd redemption they get an offer/prize.  Speedway is a great example buy 6 fountain drinks get the 7th for free.

VIP Club
 A VIP Club is a way to get your regular customers to come in more often and spend more money with you.  It will help you increase your revenue while you have more consistent business growth. 

Servery Club
 Great for restaurants to get feedback right away on a new menu item, or to find out how the wait staff is doing.  

 Contest Club
 You can run a contest , and have a winner randomly picked or have a set number EX. every 25th entry wins.

But That's Not All!
We install multiple channels to capture customer vital information about your existing customers:  anniversary, birthday, mobile number, & email.
 You’re now in a position to reach your customers whenever you want, how often you want. You dictate when you want the business, and they instantly receive text messages and email alerts from your business!

 Now that we have a guaranteed way to reach your customers, we help you get more repeat business from your existing customers, so they come back more often, forcing you to increase revenue!

One small tweak could increase revenue by upwards of 25% or more.   We’re experts in helping businesses make more money from your existing customers.  We’ll show you how to increase customer visits, and guarantee your customers come back more often, so you can make more money in your business.

Some Facts On Loyalty Programs!
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